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How to Download and Use jBatik Software from 4shared

jBatik is a software for designing batik patterns using fractal method. Fractal is a branch of mathematics that deals with repetition. Batik itself has fractal characteristics, such as the presence of repeating elements in its patterns. Fractal is drawn using parametric system in jBatik. Parametric system means a set of buttons to change batik design quickly.


If you want to try jBatik software, you can download it from, a free file sharing and storage service. allows you to upload, discover and share files without a hitch. You can also access 4shared features across all your devices with 4shared app.

In this article, we will show you how to download and use jBatik software from Follow these steps:

  • Go to to find the file named "batik.rar". This is a compressed file that contains jBatik software and some sample libraries.

  • Click on the "Download" button and wait for the file to be downloaded to your computer.

  • Extract the file using WinRAR or any other software that can handle .rar files. You can download WinRAR from

  • Open the extracted folder and double-click on the file named "jbatik.jar" to run jBatik software.

  • You will see the main interface of jBatik software, which consists of three parts: the drawing area, the library panel and the parameter panel.

  • You can start drawing your own batik pattern by using the tools on the drawing area, such as line, curve, circle, rectangle and polygon.

  • You can also use the library panel to choose from various predefined batik motifs, such as parang, kawung, ceplok and truntum.

  • You can modify the batik motifs by changing their parameters on the parameter panel, such as size, rotation, color and position.

  • You can also create your own library by editing existing motifs or importing new ones from images or vector files.

  • When you are satisfied with your batik design, you can export it to raster or vector format by using the "File" menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and used jBatik software from You can now create unlimited variations of batik patterns with ease and creativity. For more information about jBatik software, you can visit

Benefits of Batik

Batik is not only a beautiful and creative art form, but also a cultural heritage of Indonesia. Batik has many benefits for the people who make and wear it, such as:

  • Batik serves as an identity and a unifying factor for Indonesians. Batik reflects the diversity and richness of Indonesian culture, history and philosophy. Each batik motif has its own meaning and symbolism, and can be used for different occasions and purposes.[^1^]

  • Batik contributes to the economy and the empowerment of local communities. Batik is a source of income and livelihood for many craftsmen, especially women, who can work from home and preserve their traditional skills. Batik also attracts tourists and customers from all over the world, who appreciate its artistic value and quality.[^2^]

  • Batik is a versatile and durable fabric that can be used for various purposes. Batik can be made into clothing, accessories, home decor, art pieces and more. Batik can also be combined with other fabrics and materials to create new designs and styles. Batik is easy to care for and can last for a long time if treated properly.[^3^] [^4^]

By using jBatik software, you can create your own batik patterns with ease and creativity. You can also learn more about the different types of batik, such as Javanese batik, Sundanese batik, Malay batik, Balinese batik and more. You can also explore the various techniques of batik making, such as written batik (batik tulis), stamped batik (batik cap) and painted batik (batik lukis).[^5^]


jBatik is a software that allows you to design batik patterns using fractal method. You can download it from, a free file sharing and storage service. You can follow the steps in this article to download and use jBatik software from You can also enjoy the benefits of batik as a cultural heritage, an economic asset and a versatile fabric. By using jBatik software, you can express your creativity and appreciation for batik art. c481cea774


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