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Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Social Issues Pdf 86l

Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Social Issues Pdf 86l: A Collection of Engaging and Impactful Street Plays

Nukkad Natak or Street theatre is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. These spaces can be anywhere, including shopping centers, car parks, recreational reserves, college or university campuses, and street corners. They are especially seen in outdoor spaces where there are large numbers of people. The actors who perform street theatre range from buskers to organized theatre companies or groups that want to experiment with performance spaces, or to promote their mainstream work.

Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Social Issues Pdf 86l

Street theatre has a long history and tradition in India, especially in the context of social issues and movements. Nukkad Natak is a popular genre of street theatre that uses humor, satire, songs, and dialogues to convey a message or raise awareness about a social problem. Nukkad Natak scripts are usually written in Hindi or other regional languages, and often involve the participation of the audience.

In this article, we will share with you a collection of Nukkad Natak scripts in Hindi on social issues that you can download for free in PDF format. These scripts are written by various authors and cover topics such as cleanliness, environment, gender equality, corruption, education, health, and more. These scripts are suitable for students, teachers, activists, and anyone who wants to perform or learn from Nukkad Natak.

How to Download Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Social Issues Pdf 86l

To download the Nukkad Natak scripts in Hindi on social issues PDF 86l, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the link below that will take you to a website where you can find the PDF files of the scripts.

  • Select the script that you want to download and click on the download button.

  • Save the PDF file on your device and open it with any PDF reader.

  • Enjoy reading or performing the Nukkad Natak script.

The link to download the Nukkad Natak scripts in Hindi on social issues PDF 86l is:

Some Examples of Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Social Issues Pdf 86l

Here are some examples of Nukkad Natak scripts in Hindi on social issues that you can find in the PDF collection:

Nukkad Natak Script on Cleanliness and Environment

This script is about the importance of cleanliness and environment protection. It uses puppets and dialogues to show how people should keep their surroundings clean and avoid littering and polluting. It also gives some tips on how to practice hygiene and sanitation.

Sample Dialogue:

PUPPET 1: Suno re bhaiya, haan haan tum

PUPPET 2: Aur tum bhi, kaahe khade ho, baitho!

PUPPET 1: Dhyaan se suno hamaari baat, phir na kena kahaa nahin

PUPPET 2: Ab jo tumhein bataayenge, kya vo tumko pataa nahin

PUPPET 1: Safaayee hai aadhaa eemaan

PUPPET 2: Jahaan swachchhtaa, vahaan bhagvaan

PUPPET 1: Saaf vaataavaran, saaf ho ghar

PUPPET 2: Kachraa naa phenko baahar

PUPPET 1: Khaane se pehle aur baad

PUPPET 2: Saabun se dho-o donon haath

PUPPET 1: Khule mein kabhi na shauch karo

PUPPET 2: Swachchh raho, svasth raho aur mauj karo

(Puppets leave and sit in between the audience, dancing and singing the last line)

Nukkad Natak Script on Gender Equality

This script is about the issue of gender inequality and discrimination in India. It portrays the challenges faced by women and girls in various spheres of life such as education, health, work, marriage, etc. It also highlights the need for empowering women and girls and promoting their rights and dignity.

Sample Dialogue:

GIRL 1: Main bhi padhna chahti hoon

GIRL 2: Main bhi kaam karna chahti hoon

GIRL 3: Main bhi apna faisla khud lena chahti hoon

GIRL 4: Main bhi apni zindagi jeena chahti hoon

BOY 1: Tum padhoge to kaun ghar sambhaalega?

BOY 2: Tum kaam karoge to kaun bachche paalega?

BOY 3: Tum faisla loge to kaun maanega?

BOY 4: Tum zindagi jeeyoge to kaun sahega?

GIRL 1: Ghar sambhaalna mera kaam nahin hai

GIRL 2: Bachche paalna sirf mera kaam nahin hai

GIRL 3: Faisla lena mera haq hai

GIRL 4: Zindagi jeena mera adhikaar hai

BOY 1: Tum ladki ho, tumhein padhne ki zaroorat nahin hai

BOY 2: Tum ladki ho, tumhein kaam karne ki zaroorat nahin hai

BOY 3: Tum ladki ho, tumhein faisla lene ki zaroorat nahin hai

BOY 4: Tum ladki ho, tumhein zindagi jeene ki zaroorat nahin hai

GIRL 1: Main ladki hoon, isliye mujhe padhne ki zaroorat hai

GIRL 2: Main ladki hoon, isliye mujhe kaam karne ki zaroorat hai

GIRL 3: Main ladki hoon, isliye mujhe faisla lene ki zaroorat hai

GIRL 4: Main ladki hoon,

Nukkad Natak Script on Corruption

This script is about the issue of corruption and its impact on society. It shows how corruption affects the common people and their rights and services. It also exposes the hypocrisy and greed of the corrupt officials and politicians. It urges the people to fight against corruption and demand accountability and transparency.

Sample Dialogue:

MAN 1: Bhaiya, yeh rishwat kyun le rahe ho? Hum toh sirf apna kaam karwaana chahte hain

MAN 2: Kaunsa kaam? Tumhara ration card banaana hai na?

MAN 1: Haan, toh?

MAN 2: Toh tumhein paise dena padega na. Yeh toh hamara commission hai

MAN 1: Commission? Kaisa commission? Yeh toh hamara haq hai. Humne toh saare documents bhi de diye hain

MAN 2: Haq hai toh kya hua? Yeh kaam toh hum hi karenge na. Aur hum bhi toh kuch kamaane ke liye baithe hain

MAN 1: Par yeh toh galat hai. Yeh toh bhrashtachaar hai

MAN 2: Bhrashtachaar? Kya bhrashtachaar? Yeh toh system hai. System mein sab chalta hai

MAN 1: System mein sab chalta hai? Toh phir tum bhi chalte ho kya?

MAN 2: Kya matlab?

MAN 1: Matlab yeh ki tumhare upar bhi koi pressure hai kya? Koi tumse bhi rishwat maangta hai kya?