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Symantec Security Cloud

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That transformation has helped enterprises. But it also brings with it a serious set of cyber security challenges, including a lack of visibility into corporate infrastructure, the difficulty of protecting complex, heterogeneous IT environments, and a growing number of attack surfaces.

For the Cloud Security Threat Report, Symantec surveyed 1,250 security decision makers worldwide to understand the shifting cloud security landscape, the scope of shadow IT and shadow data usage, and to gauge the maturity of security practices as enterprises transition to the cloud.

We found that the complexity in the way the cloud is used creates serious visibility problems for IT. Tracking these cloud workloads is a universally recognized problem. Ninety three percent of survey respondents report they have issues keeping tabs on all their cloud workloads. And the problem will continue to grow rapidly.

Symantec Web helps protect your organisation from compromised websites and malicious downloads and allows you to control, monitor and enforce acceptable use web security policies for your organisations users, whether on-premises or away from the office.

Symantec Web prevents malware downloaded from the Internet, whatever the method, from infecting your network. The prevention and detection platforms includes multiple analysis engines that scan all Web requests in real time.

Symantec Protects your business from email-borne malware and provides 100% protection from known and unknown viruses. Our email antivirus service ensures only virus-free email is delivered to your mail servers.

Symantec Boundary Ensures the complete confidentiality of email communications and all the information they contain. It achieves this by setting up secure private email networks linking our clients with their nominated partners.

Symantec Enterprise enables you to confidently address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance, with the ease and efficiency of a cloud-based service.

In refocusing Symantec cloud security on enterprise needs and trimming back on everything else, Broadcom believes they can offer clients a simpler and more effective overall cybersecurity solution. By providing a relatively small number of potent products, companies can better monitor and improve security posture across an organization.

Endpoint Security is a single agent-based solution that works for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. From a single platform, you can manage traditional and mobile endpoint devices, creating interlocking defenses at the device, network, and application level.

Symantec Endpoint Security gives IT teams the ability to visualize and respond to threats targeting endpoints in a simple, intuitive console. It integrates with your other Symantec cloud security services to enable rich control over all endpoint devices.

Server Security lets companies protect workloads in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. You can use Symantec Data Center Security, Symantec Cloud Workload Protection, and Symantec Storage Protection to harden any type of environment you need to enable your business.

Endpoint Management simplifies software and OS deployment, update, and migration. Automate the process of distributing patches at scale, even to remote and roaming endpoints. Symantec Endpoint Management streamlines the oversight of third-party and Symantec cloud security integrations on your devices, ensuring they are healthy and up-to-date.

Site Minder is a unified access management platform with single sign-on and identity federation that enables users to safely access cloud, mobile, and web apps. It monitors the entire user session, and gives you the ability to enforce security policies for sensitive data.

Directory is a next-generation version directory server that is built to scale and perform in a distributed environment. Symantec Directory is a


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