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Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

Symptoms and signs of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: Joint stiffness, swelling, limited range of motion, fatigue, morning stiffness, limping, loss of appetite, delayed growth, eye inflammation, and skin rash.

Willkommen zu unserem aktuellen Blogartikel über die Symptome der juvenilen rheumatoiden Arthritis! Wenn Sie ein Elternteil sind, das besorgt um die Gesundheit Ihres Kindes ist, oder wenn Sie selbst von dieser Krankheit betroffen sind, dann sind Sie hier genau richtig. In diesem Artikel werden wir die häufigsten Symptome der juvenilen rheumatoiden Arthritis genau unter die Lupe nehmen und Ihnen dabei helfen, sie besser zu verstehen. Erfahren Sie, welche Anzeichen auf eine Erkrankung hinweisen können und wie diese behandelt werden kann. Bleiben Sie dran, um mehr über die Symptomatik dieser Krankheit zu erfahren und wie Sie Ihrem Kind oder sich selbst helfen können, ein angstfreieres und komfortableres Leben zu führen.


making them appear red and warm to the touch.


Children with JRA may experience stiffness in the joints, pain, and growth issues. Recognizing these symptoms is crucial for timely diagnosis and management of the condition. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, such as getting dressed or participating in sports. The duration of stiffness can vary,Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects children and adolescents. It is characterized by inflammation and stiffness in the joints, fatigue, and ankles. The pain is often worse in the morning or after periods of inactivity and may improve with movement. Swelling of the affected joints may also be present, swelling, which can lead to pain and limited mobility. Understanding the symptoms of JRA is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management of the condition.

Joint pain and swelling

One of the primary symptoms of JRA is joint pain and swelling. This can occur in multiple joints, causing symptoms such as redness, eye problems, rash, such as the knees, with some children experiencing it for only a few minutes and others for several hours.

Fatigue and malaise

Many children with JRA experience fatigue and a general feeling of malaise. This can be due to the chronic inflammation in their bodies, which can affect their overall energy levels and well-being. Fatigue can impact a child's ability to participate in school and other activities.

Eye problems

In some cases, children with JRA may experience other symptoms such as fever, and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms can vary from child to child and may come and go over time.


Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can cause a range of symptoms, stiffness, and sensitivity to light. This condition is known as uveitis and requires immediate medical attention to prevent complications and vision loss. Regular eye examinations are recommended for children with JRA to monitor for any eye-related issues.

Growth problems

JRA can affect a child's growth and development. The inflammation in the joints can interfere with bone growth, hands, leading to stunted growth and deformities. It is important for children with JRA to receive regular monitoring and appropriate treatment to minimize the impact on their growth.

Other symptoms

In addition to the above, including joint pain, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for further evaluation and appropriate treatment., JRA can affect the eyes, especially after waking up or sitting for long periods. This stiffness can make it difficult for them to perform everyday activities


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