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Rs Howard Piano Serial Number !!HOT!!


Rs Howard Piano Serial Number !!HOT!!

Here you will find a wide variety of piano parts and supplies for vertical as well as grand pianos. To narrow your search to a specific sub-category please choose from the options on the left. Feel free to visit our instructional video pages where we have a large number of piano repair videos available which can be viewed right here on our website: Instructional Videos

DE 321 Rippen Upright Pianoforte with stool. Serial number: 40418. This piano was manufactured during 1956-1959, in Holland and has a light walnut casing. It is an extremely compact piano with a medium to slightly firmer touch and 85 keys. The dimensions of this piano are: a height of 105 cm, width of 141.5 cm and a depth of 51 cm.

HJG 67 Rippen Upright Pianoforte with matching stool. Serial number: 66022. This is a modern piano with straight sides. Light mahogany casing. Its dimensions are: height of 1.13 m, width of 1.38 m and depth of 49 cm.

Ritmuller Upright Pianoforte with matching stool. Serial number 1260915. This Model UP110R2 was made in 2012 in the Pearl River Factory. How brilliant is this high gloss black finish It has 88 keys - with a medium weight touch - and 3 pedals. The dimensions are a height of 110 cm a width of 146 cm and a depth of 57 cm. Previously referenced DE 781, this piano was sold in July 2021.

Good question! And a simple one to answer. First, a how-to on where to find the serial number of your piano. Upright pianos will have their serial numbers either painted onto the cast iron backplate, or stamped into the pinblock underneath. Serial numbers may also be found on the edges of the kickboard down below, sometimes on the edges of the fallboard (key cover) or sometimes on the underside of the top lid.

Grand and baby grand pianos will have their serial numbers on or under the plate, directly behind the music desk (stand), or sometimes on a soundboard label in the middle of the piano under the strings.

HAMILTON PIANO CO., Est. 1889, with factories at Chicago Heights, Ill. Controlled by the Baldwin Piano Company. Gibson Guitars Guitars acquired the Hamilton name in 2001, when they purchased the Baldwin Piano Co. See Acrosonic or Baldwin for additional numbers. Serial numbers are for the first piano made in year shown.

3) From Alamo Music, we have another well-kept walnut finished Howard spinet from what it looks like the 1960s (with serial number 1118145) and in very good condition. From the crisp pictures, there are minor blemishes here for a vintage piano. I saw a sticker on the top door to access the interior, but it seems to be the store sticker with the price for people walking into the building.

Just like any material object, the value will fluctuate depending on the piano market at the time. However, the appraiser will need some information about the piano, from the make, the model, the serial number and model name. That way, they can date the piano and give you an estimate. I highly recommend a prospective buyer to talk with an appraiser to see the value of the piano so that they can haggle rationally. 1e1e36bf2d


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