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There is no blur background option in my pc though virtual background works and i have updated zoom on the latest version ...,,, There is no blur background option .i have tried by uninstalling and again installing but there is no change .....,,, MY SINCERE REQUEST IS PLEASE SOLVE ME PROBLEM .

ALL other online platforms I use have the blur option, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom is the only one where I have either non blurred or one Zoom default background option. My processor is powerful enough to use options. I thought perhaps it was a free vs paid option, but seems not to be the case. I can access the silly enhancements, like add a fake mustache or eyeliner! SURELY Zoom can enable a basic function such as a blur option for professional paid users!

I understand your frustration and we will relay your feedback to the relevant product teams. If you are unable to see the blur background option, please navigate to this support article: -us/articles/6619329769741-Zoom-blurred-background-option-is-not-availa...

I have and new lenovo laptop with the same blurred background problem. All other video conferencing blurred background apps work fine. I have a hp laptop less than a year old with the same problem. I am avoiding using Zoom because of it ! any help beyond saying its the users problem would help.

I have a 2-yr-old Macbook Air (intel based) and another much older PC laptop. The blur option is available in the latter and I can't get it on the Macbook no matter what I do. I can understand what I'm missing and it's a little annoying.

I as well am not able to see a blur option on my virtual backgrounds menu on my laptop. I have updated Zoom to version 5.9.3 and have the following processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz which meets minimum specs. Would greatly appreciate any help which could be provided.

Same problem... we just upgraded to Pro so we could use "blur" & not have to use a green screen for virtual backgrounds to work better than they do without (not well). I have downloaded what seems to be the latest version, as no download came with the Pro upgrade. "Blur" does not come up as a choice & I can't uncheck the "I have a green screen" box to see if that's the issue. Called support but apparently Pro doesn't include technical support. Extremely frustrated...

Even if your computer supports virtual backgrounds with a Green Screen, it may not support the more CPU/GPU intense "blur background" feature. If you cannot turn off the green screen option for virtual background, then your computer will not be compatible with the blur background feature.

While this article -us/articles/360043484511 tries to be conclusive about minimum specs, it's a bit lengthy and doesn't have every compatibility/incompatibility listed. It is however an excellent starting point, and if your hardware is lower than the minimums listed here you will not be able to use "blur background" or "virtual background without a green screen".

Thanks Micah! I do see now the blur option requires a processor of i5 or above and mine is just i3. I don't know why I didn't notice that requirement earlier. Anyway, at least I have the explanation now. Thanks!

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