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Magic Clothes Eraser V3.11 Review [BETTER]

A magic eraser is an essential tool in every home, and today we're showing you why. Whether its a small scratch or seemingly undefeatable dirt and grime, these remarkable white squares will get your home clean in no time.

magic clothes eraser v3.11 review


You may have heard of Magic Erasers before, but to most of us, they're still a bit of a mystery. You'll find magic erasers in the cleaning kits of most US households - Mr. Clean is the most famous of brands - but in the UK they're not as common.

Magic erasers are made from melamine foam, a material that's often used to sound-proof recording studios. When melamine is combined with other chemicals to form a magic eraser, a very tight, hard 'foam' is formed. When this is used on surfaces, it acts as a very gentle, fine sandpaper that removes stains and traps dirt particles.

Using something that describes itself as 'sandpaper' around your home and even on your skin may seem disconcerting, and, over the years, there have been rumours that magic erasers may not be safe to use.

This is primarily because of the ingredient formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer - we know, a bit of a mouthful! Formaldehyde itself is, in fact, dangerous, however, magic erasers don't contain any of this - it just happens to appear in the name of another compound. Consider it much like the difference between sodium and sodium chloride, of which one is dangerous, and the other is eaten as table salt.

We've never tried this tip, but other people claim that if you lodge a magic eraser in the toilet tank, each flush will gain cleaning power thanks to the abrasive nature of the particles that are released.

Carpet stains are one of our biggest fears, but don't let that stop you enjoying your home. A magic eraser can be used to spot clean your carpet, and is capable of removing even the toughest of stains like red wine.

If you have them, you'll know marker, pen and crayon marks are almost impossible to prevent. When they do eventually happen, there's no need to panic - a magic eraser will lift marker stains off almost any surface!

Standard erasers are often not enough to completely lift the marks left by pens, but there's something that is - a magic eraser. Swap one for your standard whiteboard eraser and get your board squeaky clean.

When my grandson was little, he managed to get hold of a ballpoint pen and decided to write on the tv screen. We stopped him but he had already made a large mark across the screen. I tried all sorts of things to remove it. Nothing worked until I tried a magic eraser. I Went very gently and it worked like magic, I was so relieved. I always keep one in the kitchen now.

Using a magic eraser to clean mildew on curtains is possible, but it may not be the most effective method. First, try cleaning the mould with a solution of water and white vinegar and then use a magic eraser as a last resort. 350c69d7ab


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